How to Get Started Using a Metal Detector

If you have always seen someone at the beach walking around with a weird looking gadget and wondered what they were doing, they were probably using a metal detector to find hidden treasures. If you are thinking of taking this on as your new hobby here are some tips to help you get started.

You might want to do a little research on using a metal detector before you start to make sure it is what you expected it to be. Check online to see if there are any groups that use metal detectors as a hobby or even a club that embraces treasure hunting. You can join a blog like to see what the people are talking about, see where they are going in your area, and find out what you might expect to find on your outings.

If you have made a commitment to start using a metal detector you need to find out which is the best one for you. Do a search online and start checking out the models that are available. Check out the features that interest you and do a comparison on the prices. Again, you should check out a metal detector as a hobby blog to see what type of equipment other people are using. Introduce yourself as a newcomer and see what suggestions others have and find out what kind of metal detector they started out with.

Next you should find out the best places to go to track your treasures. For most people the beach is the easiest place to start and with so many people coming and going on a regular basis it should yield the biggest stash. Some people feel that it’s best to go on a search after a good rain because with the ground being wet it serves as a better conductor. Another thing to remember is to keep going back to places that you have already gone to because things change, especially places that are frequented by people.

In the beginning you will probably stop and check every signal that you get to see what the detector has found. After some practice you will probably be able to discern what sounds like something that could possibly be of value and something as simple as a pull tab from a soda can. Keep practicing until you begin to get the hang of the detector so you ca move on to finding bigger and better things.

Make sure that if you’re going for a search in a public area that you cover up any holes you make digging down for possible treasures. You don’t want to be responsible for an unsuspecting person falling because you were irresponsible. And bring a bag with you so you can take any items that don’t pan out away with you.

Using a metal detector can be a fun hobby. It gets you outdoors in the fresh air and could possibly lead to some unexpected treasures.

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