Buying Jewelry Online Without Getting Ripped Off

No one likes to get ripped off when they are shopping, particularly at this time of year with Christmas just around the corner and many shops jacking up their prices knowing full well that there will be a lot of shoppers out and about. One thing that I hate doing is jewelry shopping, and that is because I see how expensive a lot of the jewelry is and can just imagine how big of a markup is happening on each and every item.

The one really big thing that gets me is when it comes to diamonds and other precious stones like ruby and emerald. Your average joe consumer isn’t going to be able to tell the difference between a real diamond or a man made one and there are more than likely plenty of shady retailers who take full advantage of that fact and sell diamond engagement rings as the real deal even though they are man made diamonds. These things aren’t cheap either, with your average diamond ring costing at least a couple of thousand dollars, when a man made one would at most cost $50-$100.

Buying Rings Online

So the last time I bought Jewelry for my wife we went shopping and compared the differences between the “real deal” and the fake or man made alternative, but to make things interesting we didn’t tell her which was which and asked her to tell tell me which she liked better. As it turns out, she liked the man made diamond better because it looked brighter and sparkled more. The difference in price – $4,500 vs $175. It went to prove the point that the only person that really knew the difference was the man behind the counter who could look at each of them with a microscope and determine the real from the fake. To me, that just isn’t worth paying an extra $4K for that!

Anyway after we did that we did some Google searching for rings and found an online shop that specializes in promise rings, which despite not being in the market for a promise ring, we decided to buy it for her anyway as it was just a simple ring that didn’t scream promise ring, and for the price you just couldn’t go wrong at a little over $100. Overall her Christmas present which (if I had a spare $4,500) could have cost us a small fortune, ended up costing a modest $115 – pretty good if you ask me, and my wife is happy too!

Motto of the story – Don’t get suckered into buying an extensive piece of jewelry when no one will even know if you get the cheaper alternative.

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